I usually don’t need a heavy moisturizer, at least not for my face. I can probably get away with just using a serum (that requires a whole other post). But if I’m travelling somewhere dry, like Calgary or Toronto, I up the moisture game. Here are some amazing ones that landed on my desk recently that I would happily recommend for dry to combination skin types. 

Riversol Daily Moisturizing Cream ($79.99 CAD at Riversol and BeautyMark)

Riversol is a Vancouver-based dermatologist developed skin line designed to help battle rosacea and sensitive skin. This cream is a great, powerful moisturizer without irritants or scents that can cause allergies. Best way to describe it: refreshing.
Weleda ‘Iris’ Hydrating Day Cream ($23.99 CAD at well.ca)

No need to profess my love for Weleda over and over again: you know how I feel about this line. Other than Skin Food, this has got to the most powerful cream by Weleda. It’s shea butter based so it leaves the skin very smooth indeed. 
Sephora Instant Moisturizer ($24 CAD at Sephora)
Sephora’s Instant Moisturizer is pretty impressive for $24. It is water-based with little to no oil, so it would work great for combination skins: ones with an oily t-zone. Very lightweight, not overpowering.
Have you tried any of these?