Prada F/W 2011
Did I say last week that London Fashion Week was my fave? I take it back, because I’m absolutely blown away by the last three or four Milan seasons. Mainly because Prada, Marni and Jil Sander delivered stellar collections, season after season. Milan has the sexy thing down thanks to Versace, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, but it also has the quirky librarian thing going on (probably all thanks to Marni). 
This season, Prada glided seamlessly from her quirky S/S carnival collection into the quirky 60s inspired collection that seemed to reference YSL’s colour block Mondrian dress (which I got to wear once). My friend referred to her the other day as a “print master,” but I think Muccia is actually a colour master. 
Fendi F/W 2011
I haven’t looked at all the Paris collections yet, but I think Fendi may top my list as the season’s top collection. There are so many great elements at work here, mainly in a sort of country life meets the city theme. Or the way Fendi referred to it as “sage to sauvage.” 

Alberta Ferretti F/W 2011

I’m kind of split on Alberta Ferretti but I do love this particular look:  a cute, little blue dress with very plush and almost kinky looking crotch-high velvet boots. It’s very sweet.

Jil Sander F/W 2011
Oh, Raf Simons, how I love you! Jil Sander collections are so clean and beautifully tailored, armed with little surprises here and there. Like a little unexpected pleat or an unexpected shift in volume, all very subtle. Jil Sander is for a classic, almost-prudish girl, always showing a minimal amount of skin but exuding sexiness through her confidence instead. I just adore this floral jumpsuit. Imagine the girl that gets to wear this? Cutest little thing. 
Marni F/W 2011
And, of course, there is the mother of all quirky librarians, Marni. This collection, like Prada’s, evoked the 60s with simple A-line silhouettes and geometric prints. This opening outfit was part grandma’s blanket, part coolest Eames’ textile, and all around awesome. Plus, just look at the shoes!
Milan: definitely magnifico!
Next week: Paris!