Transitioning from winter to summer footwear is not a tricky thing. It seems that, in Vancouver at least, some women go from Uggs or Hunters straight into flip-flops. It’s so horribly wrong. Like there are no other shoes in the world! Repetto, for example, can take a person through all four seasons. What was once a ballet pointe company had evolved over the decades (thanks to Brigitte Bardot) into a stylish mainstay. From their famous ‘Ballerine’ slippers to brogues to pumps and boots, Repetto really has everything these days.

I love these ‘Garbo’ lace-up pumps. I assume they were named after Greta Garbo, who I adore. Makes sense: they are a perfect mix of masculine and feminine. The colour is pretty, almost a neutral.

$395 CAD at Gravity Pope.