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I fell in love with Gorjana jewellery immediately upon seeing it. Its clean cut lines coupled with elements of antiquity make the pieces feel like little heirlooms. Los Angeles-based Gorjana (pronounced Gor-e-ah-na) Reidel started her eponymous jewellery line in 2004 and has since landed in InStyle, Lucky and Glamour. Handcrafted and moderately priced, these delicate little pieces are bound to make their way into every chic girl’s wardrobe. I caught up with Gorjana for a little chat about her influences, her new collection of bags and her desert island necessity.


How did your love for jewellery begin?  
I always had a special piece of jewellery growing up. That piece would change constantly but they all had their special meaning and all represented a time in my life. I kept most of the pieces and still have them.
We have something in common: we were both born in the former Yugoslavia. Even though you were just a little kid when you moved away, does your birth country influence or inspire your designs in any way?

Absolutely, all my creative influences came from my grandmothers. Whether it was watching them knit sweaters or crochet table cloths, it was inspiring to be around them and seeing them constantly create something new. It gave me the confidence to know that I could make whatever I wanted.

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And how much does breezy California come into the mix? 

The lifestyle here in California definitely influences my design. Living in California and in New York brings different influences to the collections, because I get so much inspiration from what and who I am around.  

Do you have a style icon or a muse when you design? 

Not really, it always changes. What I find interesting changes, so does what inspires me.

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You’ve recently added bags to the Gorjana line. Do you approach the design process for your bags the same way that you approach your jewellery?  
The influence and inspiration come from the same place but the design process is much different. There are many more aspects and details to handbags and the handbags have color which is not something I work with a lot with the jewellery.
Barrow Small Crossbody

What has been your proudest career moment so far?  

The first time I saw the jewellery featured in InStyle. 
Peacock Necklace (Large)

What would be the one piece of jewellery you would bring to a desert island, other than your wedding ring? 

The Bali Hoop Earrings because no matter how bad of a day I think I am having they seem to make me feel better.
Bali Arc Hoops

The most played song currently on your iPod is: 

“Tik Tok” and “Evacuate the Dance Floor.” My son and I have dance parties and those are the two faves right now. 
Describe Gorjana in three words: 

Classic, Chic, Versatile 
Gorjana is available in Vancouver at LYNNsteven and online at and Shopbop.