After my O.P.I Axxium post last week where I proclaimed that I have chubby baby hands, a couple of readers actually emailed to tell me that I do not have chubby hands (thanks, but let’s face it: my hands are chubby) but that I do, in fact, have baby hands. This is true. They look great for 30. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to be one of those old ladies without wrinkly hands and hopefully a face to match (cause it’s creepy when they don’t). My hand care routine actually involves several products. 
First things first: don’t skimp out on dish soap. Unless you use gloves every time you wash a dish, go with a gentle, natural, eco-friendly alternative like Sapadilla or Method.
Sapadilla Dish Soap (at Whole Foods)
Next: moisture, and lots of it! I’ve recently received Consonant Body’s Organic Hand Cream and  I’m hooked. Between this and Weleda’s Skin Food, my hands will never be dry again.
DEAL: Until February 26th, bring in your old hand cream to BeautyMark and trade it in for a free Consonant Body Organic Hand Cream. While supplies last, of course! 

Consonant Body Organic Hand Cream ($20 at BeautyMark)

There is nothing worse than chipped, weak nails getting caught on everything. After being a biter for years and a serial nail polish abuser, I’m fairly obsessed with keeping my nails strong. There is simply no better nail strengthener than Butter’s Horse Power. 
Butter London Horse Power ($24 CAD at BeautyMark)
Then there are those unsightly overgrown cuticles that we have to worry about. Between manicures, I use SpaRitual’s cuticle pen to take care of those.
SpaRitual Cuticle Pen ($19.95 CAD at BeautyMark)
And finally, keeping those cuticles moisturised takes work too. Sometimes cream is just not enough. I use Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil several times a week before I got to bed. Plus it smells delicious. 
Essie Apricot Oil ($12 CAD at BeautyMark)
Yes, this will probably be the one and only time that you’ll see dish soap on this blog. 
PS. The image above is from YSL Fall 2010. I am still dying to try this manicure.