I have a serious love/hate relationship with Far Fetch. For example, we had a wonderful two hour shopping date, the end of which I ended up with $10,000 in my shopping bag and, of course, the budget to spend 2% of that. Needless to say, “checkout” was never clicked and our date never consummated (you know what I mean). I guess we’ll just have to try again at a later date. But what would I have bought if my budget was 5% of that amount instead of 2%? 

I first laid my eyes on them at The Room in Toronto but they were over $1000 and I ended up buying the crazy spray paint Kirkwoods instead (which were also much cheaper). But, you know: the one that got away. And now it’s 50% off! It came back just to tease me. Just look at that heel! 

And that little spider is starting to look much cooler than the red sole. 
$541 US at Far Fetch (limited sizes available).