I bought this envelope sleeve for several reasons. I’ve been looking for something similar for over a year that fit my budget. Which is certainly not Céline or Hermès, both of whom originally got me enamoured with this design. Okay, let me explain. About a year ago, I was in a Céline store in Hong Kong and I saw this tote. I fell in love with its simplicity and the lack of hardware. I love it when the material is used to its full potential. Well, I didn’t buy it, obviously. The thing was around $2,500 if I remember correctly. And, also, I said to myself: “Maybe they’ll make a clutch. Those are cheaper.” 
Céline S/S 2010 tote
The Hermès “Jige” clutch that I’ve been eyeing for years isn’t getting any cheaper either. Especially when we start talking croc, like in the case of Miss Olivia Palermo. 
Hermès “Jige” clutch
Olivia Palermo with her Hermès “Jige”
Well, I can retire my obsession for now, thanks to Roots. It’s actually an iPad sleeve but I’m going to wear it as a clutch. Like all Roots things, the quality of the leather is superb. The vegetable dye colour is divine. And, the best part: it’s $58 CAD!!! A steal, if you ask me.

$58 CAD at Roots (also in black).