Chuck Bass in Hugo Boss
I have a couple of friends that are somewhat in shock over my love for this show. How could I not? Gossip Girl is our generation’s Dynasty. Incredibly rich, beautiful people entangled in an endless circle of love (sex), betrayals and scandals. Sure, no Moldavian massacres here, but it’s fairly ridiculous on its own. The new villain? He announced his New York City takeover, Dr. Evil-style, while descending down a grand staircase. Five minutes later, we realized that young Miss Thorpe has daddy issues that she is willing to work on with Chuck Bass and that Lily had already done the dirty with Mr. Thorpe awhile back. I can’t wait to see how this is going to unravel. Poor Rufus. 
Of course, while all this was cooking up, Lily was sporting a stunning silver-gray Louisa Beccaria dress along with the gorgeous Siman Tu long tassel pearl necklace. She is always perfect. 
Luisa Beccaria gown
Siman Tu necklace
Judith Leiber clutch
Her daughter Serena, on the other end, was a major fail for most of this episode. From the horrific drapey sweater thing with Jersey Shore studded embellishment on the sleeves. Disaster.

Camilla and Marc sweater
Maxime Simoens top
Rag & Bone jeans

Her Lily-impersonating ensemble was pretty spot on. The chignon, the camel coat, the constant disregard of someone with the last name Humphrey…

Mike Gonzalez coat
 Elie Saab dress
Then there was some improvement, but certainly not “black tie” appropriate.

Rag & Bone coat 
Elie Saab jacket 
Timo Weiland top 
Maxime skirt 
Rich Rocks necklace
Hue tights 
Michelle Vale bag 

And finally, Serena headed over to visit her jail buddy. In thigh-high hooker boots, assumingly borrowed from Little J. I’m not quite sure where the Serena storyline is going but I don’t think Dan will be in her romantic future anytime soon. Methinks her and jail guy will become an item. Didn’t it seem weird that he was just outside of the jail waiting for the bus? What? Miss Porny Eyebrows failed to pick up her beloved innocent brother that she so passionately fought to free? 

Burberry coat
Rag & Bone jeans
Tania Spinelli boots
Cleobella bag

Blair was up to her usual shenanigans. This time she used her minions to get an internship with Indra Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsi. She turns down an offer from her mother, the divine Eleanor Waldorf, to pursue something that is against her nature. I’ve always wondered why the writers never explored Eleanor’s glamorous career other than with the Jenny incident. I mean, Blair could rule a Missoni or Rykiel type of fashion empire if she wanted to. And they are finally now, in season 4, getting the hint. 

And of course, we have the wise Dan to thank for his “evil dictator of taste” description of Blair. I’m glad someone remembered the brilliant “tights are not pants” scene. Remember that poor girl running down the Constance courtyard crying her face off? She is a dictator of great taste, judging by her outfits this week. The Louis Vuitton ensemble is amazing. Can one ever go wrong with black and gold?

Magaschoni blouse
Louis Vuitton short sleeve jacket and skirt 
Longchamp tote

Then there was the amazing Philosophy coat couple with an Etro scarf and Lanvin bag. Her hair perfectly coiffed and shiny. She went a little darker with the colour, right?
Philosophy coat
Etro scarf
Lanvin bag
She wore Oscar de la Renta at the ball, as she often does. She is a quintessential Oscar girl: classic, beautiful and somewhat safe (not a big risk taker). But can she be the next Anna Wintour? We’ll find out next week as she hits the W offices! 
Oscar de la Renta gown
Swarovski necklace
Kotur clutch

Thoughts? The outfits, the Thorpes, Blair and Dan….?

You know you love me.


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