I have a rule when it comes to gigantic blow-out sales: don’t buy something you need, buy something crazy that you usually wouldn’t splurge on. Let basics be basics and get them over time. 
For example, I would never in my right mind spend $1,230 on Tabitha Simmons shoes, not because they are not worth the money but because half the time I have less than that in my bank account (it’s sad, I know). The truth is, I have a girl crush on Tabitha Simmons. I think she may have the life I’ve always dreamed of: a very successful stylist (often collaborates with her husband, bonafide fashion photographer Craig McDean), contributing editor for Vogue and a shoe designer (untrained, but I feel like it’s okay in this case because it seems that this woman can do no wrong). Not to mention that she is also incredibly gorgeous and ridiculously stylish. Yeah, not fair.

All that and I haven’t even mentioned the shoes! Well, they are colourful and fun and definitely don’t fall into the boring (but necessary) basics category. Perfect type of shoe to splurge while it’s on a 70% off sale! 

$369 US (from $1,230) at Net-a-Porter.