This is a first: an Item of the Week I actually made myself! The famed knitwear kits from Wool and the Gang finally arrived in Vancouver and found their home at Homewerx, one of my favourite lifestyle stores.

Leave it to the Euros to make knitting cool. Their luxurious and ethically sourced Peruvian wool certainly make “ready-to-knit” as desirable as ready-to-wear. Yes, you make it yourself. They offer a variety of patterns from simple scarves to complex outerwear. If you are like me and have never picked up a pair of knitting needles, this task can be daunting. But fear not, Wool and the Gang provides you with fool-proof instructions complete with knitting and sewing needles, yarn, and the pattern. They even have online instructional videos in case you get lost. I’ll admit that I had the videos on constant repeat and, yes, it did take me weeks to finish, but look at the result!

I’m so proud of my Snood Dogg. It’s so luxurious, fuzzy and warm, perfect for this crazy Arctic weather in Vancouver. I think a Wool and the Gang kit would make a perfect Christmas gift!

$109.99 CAD at Homewerx in Vancouver (1053 Davie Street).