Weleda gardens in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

(photo courtesy of ecofabulous.com)
I was introduced to Weleda for the first time when their amazing bio-diesel truck arrived in Vancouver for the “Honestly Natural, Truly Beautiful Tour” a couple of weeks ago. I’ve since realized that Weleda has had a cult following that has spanned generations. Believe it or not, this line has been around since 1921 and has literally raised multiple generations of Weleda devotees. I may have recently become one of them.

Words like “green,” “natural” and “organic” have recently become mere marketing tools rather than true representations of the terms. In fact, many companies are throwing these words around even when the product in question is only partially green, organic or natural. The rule of thumb is this: if you can’t pronounce most of the words on the ingredients list, it ain’t natural.

This is where Weleda differs. Each and every ingredient is cultivated by Weleda in their own biodynamic gardens. It’s nothing new — this is how the company has been doing things since their start.

($18.85 CAD on well.ca)
So what turned me into a new devotee? Skin Food. Easily one of the best moisturizers I’ve tried. Super creamy and smooth, Skin Food is formulated with a few key ingredients like sunflower seed oil, pansy and rosemary leaf extract, working together to provide a magic combination of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory agents.
($19.85 CAD on well.ca)
I also love Pomegranate Body Wash but I’m obsessed with anything pomegranate and its antioxidant properties, so I’m an easy sell. It also has hints of orange and vanilla. Perfect for waking up in the morning.
($13.89 CAD on well.ca)
The most surprising product is the Sage Deodorant. I have a love/hate relationship with deodorants. I love when they work but I hate the smell and residue of most. Sage has been proven to have anti-perspirant and cooling properties. It smells fresh and works really well (although, keep in mind, I’m writing this in November.)

I asked a Weleda representative to share her top three beauty tips and here they are:

1) Weleda Skin Food gives you an instant, fresh and dewy look. Apply it on your face under makeup or simply skip the makeup all together and show off your new glow. You’ll look and feel simply radiant—just like the many models and makeup artists we know who wear the Skin Food glow all day long.

2) Weleda Calendula Diaper-Care is your secret savior for treating little blemishes on your face. Simply apply a small dot of the cream to the spot, and say goodbye.

($15.55 CAD on well.ca)

3) Weleda Almond Smoothing Facial Oil doubles as a miraculous eye makeup remover. Simply apply a few drops to two damp cotton pads, and remove your long-lasting makeup for a soft, nourished finish.

($22.29 CAD on well.ca)

Brilliant. Baby Calendula line also has quite a cult following from, well, babies and moms, but also imtheitgirl.com’s favourite, Alexa Chung.

Loyal readers will know that I’m a big fan of natural skincare. Not that I don’t use chemically engineered skin care products (I’ll try anything once!), but it’s a matter of lifestyle. Not all chemicals are harmful, but the truth is most people cannot differentiate between the ones that are and the ones that aren’t. If it’s a lifestyle choice, then one can’t go wrong with Weleda. This stuff is gold.

Weleda is available at Whole Foods, Capers and Choices in Vancouver and on weleda.ca and well.ca across Canada. For more info, visit weleda.ca.