Sometimes I wonder if all the designers get together for a spa day and decide what the major theme is for the season…just kidding. But honestly, it seems like almost everyone in Canada decided to go on an African safari this spring. Nothing to complain about here. I love this look.

Line’s knitwear is some of the most beautiful around on the current market (even more so now that Lutz & Patmos has ended their ten year run) and the little olive crop sweater is so adorable with the high waisted khaki shorts. As I said before, Joe Fresh is really polishing their basics and giving them a cleaner and more sophisticated feel. I adore Pink Tartan’s take on the animal print with their giraffe maxi dress. Rachel Mara delivers beautiful prints year after year and this boho tribal wrap dress is no exception. Here’s to Canadian safari-ing!

Joe Fresh
Jessica Jensen

Pink Tartan

Rachel Mara
What does everyone think of Toronto Fashion Week? How does it compare to other notable Fashion Weeks?