I’m not sure how the Milan shows ended up being the wackiest and, in my opinion, really adorable. I watched Prada live via live stream (take that Bryan Boy!) and I chuckled the entire time. It was fun and quirky and a complete flip from the F/W collection. Just as I bought the Prada knit headband, now I’m coveting the Prada sombrero. I do have an inner Carmen Miranda fighting to come out.

Overall, give me a crazy print and I’m all over it. While many hated (I’m looking at you Searching for Style) Missoni’s collection for good reason (it was a little, um, unflattering at times), there were some standout pieces where the Aztec-inspired prints were composed in a chaotic yet elegant manner. Same can be said for Etro, who I think often does a way better Missoni than Missoni.


Once upon a time I lived by Karl Lagerfeld’s saying, “Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems,” but I’ve since softened up on dear old flowers (and so has Karl it seems). Now I’m all “go big or go home.” I love the giant, bright and festive florals at Marni and the surprising floral explosition by Jil Sander, the queen of minimalism. I suppose summer is really all about having fun.


Jil Sander

Next week, Paris.