I’ve been obsessed with Calvin Klein as long as I can remember. Calvin Klein is responsible for so many iconic fashion moments. From underage nothing-comes-between-me-and-my-Calvin’s Brooke Shields to classy Christy Turlington to Mark Wahlberg’s abs to waifish Kate Moss. Calvin Klein, as a brand, lived a sort of double life. On one end, the brand made a name for itself for selling sex, a job they have been doing extremely well since their first jeans ad in 1979 featuring Patti Hansen and took it over the top with risque ads of Kate Moss. On the other end, the brand has been known for its sophisticated take on American sportswear and New England WASP elegance, a look they captured brilliantly in the Eternity campaign with the timeless Christy Turlington.
Vintage ads: Patti Hansen, 1979; Brooke Shields, 1981; Christy Turlington, 1989; Mark Wahlberg, 1992; Kate Moss, 1993

With Francisco Costa at the helm, Calvin Klein has taken up a softer, more feminine aesthetic, one that is brilliantly bottled in the new fragrance, “Beauty.” It’s an elegant fragrance with a base of jasmine and calla lilies. Clean and not overpowering, “Beauty” allows for women like me to grow with the brand: from a lustful teenager, mildly obsessed with Kate Moss, that wore “CK One,” to a pure, confident, wise and sophisticated woman. It’s a campaign that Diane Kruger is a perfect spokesperson for. In other words, a very grown-up Calvin Klein.

$89 CAD (50ml) at The Bay

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A 50ml “Beauty” can be yours. Just tell me what your favourite Calvin Klein moment (yes, you can say Mark Wahlberg’s abs) was over the past forty years. Comment below until Friday, October 29th at noon (Vancouver time), and if you’re lucky, nothing will come between you and your Calvin.