Where do I even start? Paris is a welcome change of scenery from the somewhat stale New York Upper East Side routine. And unlike Sex and the City, Gossip Girl didn’t lose its magic with a bit of travel. The central focus of this show, I believe, is the relationship between Blair and Serena. Two girls that grew up together, much different from each other, though completely dependent on each other. Having them prance around Paris in chic outfits, armed with shopping bags and magically looking thinner than ever, even after gorging on French food and macaroons all summer…bitches! I guess Serena stayed in shape by screwing everything in sight (can’t blame the girl — it’s what i would have done, especially the ones wearing Zadig & Voltaire) while Blair must have worked up some good cardio wandering around Musée d’Orsay looking for love.

Each outfit was a hit for me: flawless and character-appropriate. I have nothing to make fun off! Blair wore a lot of classics like Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Maxime Simoens, and Serena looked casual and care-free in younger labels like Haute Hippie, Sumo, Rag & Bone and Madison Marcus. I’m giving Serena a bit of an edge this episode for her George Chakra Swarovski dress paired with the Rag & Bone boyfriend blazer and J.Crew brogues: a perfect mix of couture and American sportswear, a true American girl in Paris.

Chanel Resort 2011 Cruise jacket, blouse and shorts
Chanel two-tone strappy pumps
Roger Vivier snakeskin clutch

Haute Hippie “Take Me Now” dress
Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals
Fendi “Twins” straw tote

Moschino Resort 2010 cherry print dress
Christian Louboutin ‘Quepi Reci’ platforms
Chanel ‘Patchwork’ shoulder bag
Chanel Resort 2011 plaid cuffs

George Chakra Spring 2010 Couture Swarvoski crystal cage corset dress Rag & Bone ‘Razor’ coat
J.Crew suede brogues
See by Chloe ‘Cherry’ mini bag
Yestadt Millinery ’76 Trombones’ hat

The Prince Louis/chauffeur storyline was really just a set-up for Blair and Serena to confess their true love to each other. Other than that, it was really silly from the very start. Prince Louis: “An American that loves Manet. It’s too good to be true.” Are you kidding? Everyone loves Manet! Hating Manet is like hating puppies. And then later he was all: “You loved my favorite painting. I thought that someone who loved what I loved would love me, too.” Sheesh. And then, after all of that, Blair didn’t even bother to do some simple research like, maybe, Google the famous Prince? C’mon: this whole show is based on interactive digital media and our characters can’t even use a search engine. And Gossip Girl? Shouldn’t she switch to Twitter by now? Kind of an old-fashioned gal, that one is.

Blair was lovely in her Prince-worthy Oscar de la Renta dress, but Serena’s wide-leg Sumo pants are so gorgeous that they might make me cry, because I think they are no longer available. Also, Serena’s Fendi “Peekaboo” has been on my wish list for the longest time. One day….

Oscar de la Renta S/S 2010 peach chiffon dress

Siman Tu pearl choker (available at Sophie’s Closet)
Christian Louboutin ‘Gressimo’ mule peep-toes (not pictured)
Nancy Gonzalez croc skin bag

Suno wide leg pants, Dries van Noten S/S 2010 ‘Raffia’ booties
Fendi ‘Peekaboo’ leather tote
Made Her Think blade ring

Afterwards, dinner at Baccarat was hilarious, complete with an amazing cameo by Charlotte Gainsbourg’s sister and an icon in her own right, Lou Doillon. Yes, Blair, I would ditch you for Lou any day. Sorry, love. Of course, I loved the Dynasty-style fountain throw down. I only wish there was some hair pulling! But of course Serena recovers from it looking even better than before: not a single smudge of mascara. I think I would have cried if Blair’s Maxime Simoens dress ended up in a chlorine fountain. Stunning! I have no other words for it. I think Serena may have forgotten to wear pants to dinner. Was she just wearing a top and a jacket? Somehow I’m not surprised.
Haute Hippie beaded jacket
Madison Marcus top (no pants?)

Maxime Simoens S/S 2010 dress
Piaget Possession bracelet
Piaget Possession ‘Classique’ ring
Piaget rose motif pendant

Back in New York, Georgina, who is apparently Russian all of a sudden, is Dan’s baby mama; Dan is still dumb; slutty Nate may have VD; and Eleanor is delivering her amazing bitchy one-liners, like after Lily had a “Lily Bass” name tag pinned on her: “I was afraid nobody would know who she was. Not a lot of Humphreys on the society pages.” Snap! Crash! Bam! I f-ing love Eleanor! And Vanessa is back delivering one amazing line: “Then what other possible reason could there possibly be in the God I don’t believe in this universe for Georgina Sparks to be leaving lingerie around your house?” Her outfit? It’s Vanessa…. At least they brought Paris to her and girlfriend got some Zadig & Voltaire too. Meh!

Zadig & Voltaire ‘Peace’ tank
Stuart Weitzman S/S 10 studded clog
Zadig & Voltaire ‘Ottawa’ bag
Bounkit turquoise and amethyst bracelet
Stephen Dweck feather necklace

And Chuck: what is going on? Can’t wait for next week!


It Girl

PS. Special thanks to Instyle Magazine, CW and gossipgirlfashion.net.