I’ll admit it: before I saw it in person, I thought PS1 was highly overrated. But ever since we recently exchanged glances (I swear, it looked at me!) at Barneys, I’ve had a change of heart. PS1 is the mother of all satchels: the softest, the most luxurious, the most coveted. It’s the kind of bag to last a lifetime, only to get better with age: its leather more distressed, its handle worn out… I want to spend my life with it (true love is not always love at first sight).

Now I just have to save my pretty pennies (or win the lottery) and decide on a colour (it comes in a million colours but I love the “smoky grey” pictured above).

$1,995 US for the (large) PS1 and $1,595 US for (medium) at Barneys.

PS. It also exists in croc, but the divine thing is $14,400 US! If I were rich…