I’m feeling extra girly so I’m warning you: the blog is going to be all lace, bows and flowers this week. Please forgive me, it happens every once in a while. I’ll go a whole week wearing dresses, skirts and heels. Pretty weird for the perpetual pant-loving tomboy that I am. In situations like this, I usually go on a shopping spree buying all the girliest things I can find: full-skirts (got one yesterday), kitten heels (almost got yesterday), super feminine underwear (getting today) and many other things that will eventually end up being very lonely and underused in my closet. Which is exactly why I should not be looking at a dress like this, but I can’t help it: the amount of lace alone is giving me the shivers (the good kind). I want, I want.

$760 US at Net-a-Porter.

PS. The Bronte lace top is lovely too.