For years I washed my hair every single day. I loved the routine every morning: washing, blow-drying, styling. That is until the greys came along and along with it the necessity of hair colouring. Now my hair stylist tells me to shampoo only twice a week in order to preserve the colour. “Impossible,” I said, “I run every day, which means sweat, which means flat, greasy looking hair.” He suggested a dry shampoo. A couple of days later, I picked up The All Nighter Styling Powder at BeautyMark. I was sceptical at first because the packaging design scares me (yes, I’m shallow) but after trying it out at the store, I was sold!

It works kind of like the old baby powder trick, but it comes in six pigments from golden blonde to dark brown/black. This stuff is amazing! It has something to do with silk particles making the hair look extra silky by diffusing light. The powder blends and disappears in your hair. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

$20 CAD at BeautyMark.

PS. Rachel Zoe loves it too.