Ruffian F/W 2010
I was going to title this post “Over the Moon” because that’s how I feel about this manicure. It’s stunning! This is the third incarnation of the Ruffian (in collaboration with CND) moon nail, this time inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s galaxy paintings of planets, moons and stars placed against a dark backdrop (I didn’t think nails could be so deep with feelings and all).

The nails are pre-made chrome tips with matte midnight blue painted over. You can buy similar ones from Dashing Diva. Below is a fun how-to video for all the geeks out there.

Not loving the acrylic alternative? You can always attempt a DIY, like on For those less skilled (like myself), I would suggest using Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Chrome Pen in “Gold Frost” and going over the matte blue base. It might end up looking cleaner.

Does anyone want to try?