Consonant Citrus Bergamot Scented Products:
Organic Body Lotion ($42 CAD for 500 mL/$22 CAD for 250 mL);
Foaming Face Wash ($18 CAD for 125 mL)

One of the freshest lines on the Canadian natural skincare market is Consonant Body. I’ve had the pleasure of trying their newest “Citrus Bergamot” range and I’m hooked. Aside from elegant and minimalist packaging, Consonant Body exudes “clean.” All products are 100% organic and natural.

The Foaming Face Wash is formulated to wash away even the most stubborn make-up. You’d think a product like this would be harsh and full of chemicals, but this face wash is really gentle. In fact, it’s so gentle that it leaves no residue and could potentially eliminate the need for a toner.

I’ll admit it: I have about ten body lotions on the go at any one time. I start one and never finish it, or, if I’m iffy about a lotion, it gets downgraded to “leg only.” This is not going to be the case with Consonant Body’s Organic Body Lotion. It’s very thick and yogurt-like but not greasy in any way. It absorbs into the skin really fast and leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed. I was happy to read that it includes organic grape seed oil, which is a powerful antioxidant. A keeper, for sure.

Consonant Organic Lip Therapy ($12 CAD)

And, finally, I tried Consonant Body’s Lip Therapy. Everyone’s lips tend to get a little dry in the summer sun or from being exposed to the ocean breeze (like here in Vancouver). This product contains 60% almond oil, making it extremely moisturising. The scent is a little on the earthy side with the addition of patchouli and it takes a couple of applications to get used to. But patchouli is very therapeutic so it is something I would prefer to use at the end of the day, letting my lips take in the moisture and prepare for the next day.

Overall, I loved what I tried and I want more. Maybe it’s because I have officially entered my 30s, but lately I’ve been extra vigilant about reading those ingredient labels. Consonant Body’s motto is “what goes on your body goes in your body,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Available in Vancouver at BeautyMark.