Some women fear stilettos, some women fear skinny jeans. I have one and only one fear when it comes to fashion: SWIMSUITS!

Just the thought of it gives me major anxiety. The thought of being in the change room, almost fluorescently pale and out of shape, trying to squeeze myself into a tiny piece of Lycra – it really takes all the fun away from shopping. This stuff is tight, the sizes are messed up… I could go on and on. I always look for something with a fun print, something playful and sexy. But in the end, I always end up buying the same old suit: something black, very sporty, nothing very sexy, and very, very boring.

But this year, I’ve made it my resolution that I will no longer fear this outrageously priced little piece of fabric. Mark my words, swimsuits everywhere: I WILL CONQUER YOU!

There is one name in fashion that I trust when it comes to fit and that is Diane Von Furstenberg. She knows a woman’s body and has made a career of creating collections that flatter most. I hope she will be my savior.

String Bikini in Garden Animal Cool (Top: $95 US; Bottom: $90 US)

“Lorena” Bikini in Garden Animal Small Warm (Top: $94 US; Bottom: $96 US)

“Bonita” Bikini in Garden Animal Small Warm (Top: $140 US; Bottom: $155 US)

Ring Bikini in Beach Leopard Sunkist (Top: $98 US; Bottom: $92 US)

Ring One Piece in Beach Leopard White ($220 US)

I love her collection of very updated and contemporary animal prints. They are very young and playful. There is a wide choice of silhouettes offered, from a very tiny bikinis to vintage-inspired high-waisted bottoms. The best thing is that most are available as separates because many women are not the same size in the top and the bottom.

Beautiful work as always DVF! (use code SHIPSWIM for free shipping)

PS. What are some of your favourite swimsuit designers?