So I was right! Jenny is becoming Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Nate is so dumb and easily confused. Why else would he have his last name embroidered on all his shirts? His brain probably can’t even tell Jenny and Serena apart. Tall, blond, skinny… same diff.

Breaking up is hard to do but Blair is determined to move on by getting back in the dating game and putting all her Chuck memories into one box titled “Old Life!” C’mon – no way all the Chuck things would require only one little box! Her prom Marchesa and her “Anna Karenina” furry hat would require at least two alone! I loved Dorota’s advice: “Why don’t we go feed ducks in park? Just the two of us.” Can I go do that with you? I really need my own Dorota.

The Baldwin! I love the way Baldwins talk in the low voice. I think they may have invented the “talking like Chuck Bass” voice. Or Christian Bale’s voice in Batman. But why does he have to be evil? Why does everyone from the past need to be evil? C’mon writers! It’s becoming too obvious!

Don’t worry Chuck. You still get my heart fluttering!

Lily was back but, sadly, no Hermès. She did wear an amazing gray wool dress from Milly’s fall collection and, very Lily, Bounkit turquoise earrings (sorry, CW didn’t release a picture but I’ll try and get a screencap).

I’m really starting to hate Rufus and his jealousy issues. He seems so desperate now that he’s a kept man. Maybe he should do what other rich housewives do: sit on the board of the Met or start his own handbag line.

Like his dad, Dan is turning into an asshole! Vanessa’s Tisch acceptance must come with a scholarship because her Preen dress comes with at least a $1,000 price tag. It’s lovely and from their Spring 2010 collection. Plus something tells me that Vanessa and Dan are going to be over before the end of the season. And I think he’ll be back in the Serena mix in no time!

Blair’s “Vanessa” outfit was hilarious. Tribal print tunic (or in her mind “zarape”) with liquid leggings. Except Vanessa lately has been wearing Preen and Phillip Lim while Blair has been wearing Marc and Moschino. Hate to say it but lately I’ve been wanting Vanessa’s wardrobe. Move over Blair and take your new zarape with you! I want more Preen!

Preen s/s 2010 dress (click to see it on the runway)
Sanctuary moto leather jacket

Then there is Serena channelling Lily. Yes, Serena: I realize you really like earth tones but, like Jenny, you don’t really stray away from grey, brown, or black much. Kind of makes you look much older than…………….. 19!

Opening Ceremony trench coat
YSL large leather “Muse” bag
YSL Tribute pumps

Of course I’m not into this new Willa character but her line “Who is that slut?” upon seeing Jenny was spot on. I realize that Rufus is super busy being a Desperate Housewife of Manhattan but he should really think twice before letting Jenny leave the house looking like a baby prostitute. At least she finally ditched those lace tights.

L’Agence leather and cotton dress (Spring 2010)
AV Max and Sorrelli
Giles & Brother bracelet
Pierre Hardy booties (Fall 2009)

All in all, great episode but nothing super memorable fashion-wise. Next week: fashion porn in a major way!

You know you love me!


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