Linacare Transforming Face Cream, $58 CAD

My number one ‘can’t live without’ beauty item is LINACARE Transforming Face Cream. After years of struggling to find a perfect cream due to combination skin, enlarged pores (damn you family genetics!), eczema, and occasional breakouts – I found it!

I’ve been using Linacare for over two years now and it has made dramatic improvements. My pores are smaller, skin is more even (no dry spots) and have few to no breakouts. Moreover, a couple of fine lines that worried me (like the faint scowl line on my forehead) has become fainter over time. Life-changing!

Originally developed in Vancouver by Dr. Henry Fung, a medical doctor and a Harvard trained research scientist and pharmacologist, in 1991, Linacare was developed into a cosmetic line in 2003. Since then, Linacare has been a skin secret of many beauty professionals and a go-to product for fabulous spas like the Absolute Spa.

LINACARE’s products are all scientifically advanced and non-medicated. They are hypoallergenic, lanolin free, non-comedogenic and non-greasy.

For oily skin, use LINACARE Light. It has a great amount of moisture but it won’t make your skin appear too shiny or greasy.

Available in Vancouver at BeautyMark.
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