Perhaps the funnest beauty product to come up in the last little while is Vancouver’s own I LOVE MY MUFF. That’s right, you heard right: finally a product specifically designed for our muffs! It only makes sense – we have a product for every other part of our body.

“I had a need. I sought a solution. It wasn’t there. I created my own. From one woman to another. Love yourself, love your muff.” – Ritz Clinging, founder and creator

I Love My Muff is comprised of four essential products: clean wash, pure spray, soft lotion and fresh wipes (for muff on the go!). They come in two different lines: blue (botanical scent) and green (fruity flowery scent). I Love My Muff contains all natural ingredients because your muff deserves the best natural lifestyle too.

I used the Blue line which left me fresh, soft and sweet-smelling (a combination of lavender, sage, and a hint of coconut).

I Love My Muff clean wash, $18 CAD

I Love My Muff pure spray, $18 CAD

I Love My Muff soft lotion, $18 CAD

I Love My Muff fresh wipes, $22 CAD (for 25)

I Love My Muff kits, $38 CAD

It’s Valentine’s Day: take care of your muff!

In Vancouver at BeautyMark.
Online at

More exciting news:

I have one I Love My Muff maintenance kit to give away! Click here to enter the I LOVE MY MUFF GIVEAWAY!