I just cannot talk about any type of lip gloss or lip anything without talking about my favourite liner. But first things, first! This is my tribute to all things red that is Valentino.

Nars Bloodwork $24

I do not wear lipstick. I find that it dries out my lips and I envy anyone who can wear it. So I go the alternative route and do the gloss. Nice and moisturized. Just like everyone else out there looking for the perfect shade of red for just about a million years, I found mine at Nars. I went everywhere looking and asking for a red-red. Blood red, to be exact. Coincidentally, my red hot lip gloss is named Bloodwork. Goes on smooth and strikingly deadly.

Next up!

Benefit d’finer d’liner $20

You can’t talk about lip anything without pairing it with a liner. Like finding the perfect shade of red, finding the perfect liner is almost even harder. You do not want it to be darker and lighter would just be wrong. Benefit d’finer d’liner solves all the problems. It is a smooth clear pencil that melts into all the crevices and re-defines your lip line – making everything budge proof. marvelous.

Nars Bloodwork lip gloss available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew, and at all Nars beauty counters.

Benefit d’finer d’liner available at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart.

ace – the It Guest.