After a series of successful ‘guerilla‘ stores, Comme des Garçons finally settled into a permanent 4,400 sq.ft space on Ice House Street in Central just a couple of weeks ago.

newly opened Hong Kong Comme des Garçons store

Even though it’s a little out of my price range, I am always on a lookout for Comme des Garçons pieces. I consider Comme des Garçons (main women’s line) collectible fine art. Sales do happen sometimes. Sure, the pieces may seem a little crazy on the runway, but I found that with more minimalist styling they can be worked into an everyday wardrobe quite successfully. That said, it’s for the brave ones only.

For those of us without the magical money tree (where do I get one of those?), there are budget lines like BLACK Comme des Garçons and PLAY Comme des Garçons that can satisfy a Comme des Garçons craving. I’m also in love with the Comme des Garçons wallet collection and wear my blue clutch as much as I can (it always receives compliments).

Fall 2009 RTW

Spring 2010 RTW
I also firmly believe that designer and owner Rei Kawakubo is the coolest woman alive. Trained in Fine Arts, Rei established Comme des Garçons in 1973 after a brief stunt as a fashion stylist. She immediately garnered international acclaim and was showing at Paris Fashion Week by 1980. Rei is also a pioneer of what is today known as ‘deconstruction’ (an art form that when executed well is magnificent, but so often done poorly). Rei is also incredibly business and image savvy. She has remained the sole owner of Comme des Garçons since 1973 and has all control over Comme des Garçons‘ image, including advertising, graphic design and store designs. It’s a rarity in the fashion business that a designer actually controls his/her own brand.

Rei Kawakubo

What did I tell you? Coolest woman alive.

PLAY Comme des Garçons shirts

Comme des Garçons wallets/clutches

The Hong Kong store carries all 15 (!!!!!) collections by Comme des Garçons. They have everything! Even stuff straight off the runway! There is no way that I will be able to leave this store without buying something.

No. 2, 10 Ice House Street, Central

Random piece of information: Rei Kawakubo used to date Yohji Yamamoto in the late 80s! Imagine if they had children? The fashion ‘chosen one’?

P.S. Roden Gray and Gravity Pope carries PLAY Comme des Garçons in Vancouver.