The best thing about Christmas time is not the family gathering (it can be stressful) or the food or even the gift giving – it’s the sales! Christmas time means that we can finally afford those highly coveted items we have been drooling over for the entire season (and that can sometimes feel like an eternity).

Sometime in the summer, I posted this shoe’s cousin – the peep-toe bootie. What really does it for me is the sculptural heel. The heel always wins my heart (just like Lanvin ‘Maryjane’ and the Omelle ‘Hardy’ boot).

Beauty is in the details: the scalloped throat, glossy patent leather trim, adjustable ankle strap, and a ridiculously sexy carved heel.

$220.43 US at Barneys (available in all sizes).

P.S. Gravity Pope carries it in electric blue for $595 CAD (unfortunately not on sale yet).