… Chuck Bass.

Much better episode this week. Is Georgina really gone? I hope so… I hope Almost Chuck returns soon. Joanna Garcia AKA Bree turned out to be a total bore so I’m glad she’s gone. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Scott. You’d think that Lilly Van Der Woodsen and Rufus would be able to produce a better looking offspring? I would have liked to see how Lilly and Bart’s child would have turned out. I miss Bart Bass – he was a sexy silver fox. Speaking of old foxes… Sonic Youth!!! I love Kim Gordon. Did you know she co-owns

Blair’s Valentino dress was gorgeous. I love the embroidered gold and grey (with a hint of purple) combination. It was very Blair: girlie and classic.

On Blair:
RED Valentino dress
Juicy Couture vintage-style multistrand bracelet
Paige Gamble alligator clutch

I love that both girls had a little bit of a gradient in their dresses. I though Serena looks her best in flowy outfits mostly because I’m getting a little tired of seeing her in skin-tight Herve Leger week after week. I covet this J Mandel dress. Her boobs looked magical, no?

On Serena:
J. Mendel Fall 2008 dress

Christian Louboutin ‘Miss Boxe’ wedges
MCL by Matthew Campbell bangles

Jenny’s Elie Saab dress was cute but her hair is horrid. She needs hair mask ASAP. I totally considered getting these Elizabeth and James wedges and didn’t. I regret it now.

on Jenny:
Elie Saab Spring 2009 RTW dress
Elizabeth & James ‘Slice’ wedges
Alex Woo Little Vegas spade
Matthew Campbell ‘Laurenza‘ nnamel bangle

As of Lilly’s ‘Jenny designed’ dress, I read that all the ‘Jenny’ pieces are designed by the show’s costume designer Eric Daman (who also designed the gorgeous green bubble dress Serena wore for Eleanor Waldorf’s show). BTW, where is Eleanor? I kind of love her.

And finally Dorota. Where do I think she shops? Talbots and Banana Republic. I will find out!


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