Oh so pretty!

Something Blue bridal comb ($32 US)

While wedding dress shopping is turning into a minor (still ten months to go) fashion crisis, there is no shortage of gorgeous accessories. In fact, some of them are so pretty that I could probably wear an oversize white T-shirt and still look adorable (no, I’m not going to test this theory). But I’m definitely beginning to think that wearing a simple dress adorned with stunning accessories is the way to go.

While browsing on Etsy, I discovered Icing 101‘s incredible bridal accessories. Oh my, what a find!

Wedded Bliss sash ($55 US)

Raven’s wing black skinny sash belt ($45 US)

Wedded Bliss sash ($55 US)

Corsages ($20 US)

Swan Queen bridal bobby pins ($16 US)

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