I miss Constance Billard School for Girls…

, before I even start: no NELLY YUKI. I’m crushed. So she went to Yale… So did I! And I went to NYC almost every weekend! New Haven is only an hour and a half away… Please tell me she is not gone forever. Can she transfer to Columbia on some Ivy Legue exchange or something?
Overall, fashion was not that great this week. No fabulous parties, no Lilly… just college.

V looked presentable this episode. Huge improvement since last week’s Pocahontas shorts and hippie dreadlocks hair. But how can Vanessa afford her DVF blouse, Bodhi bag or Moschino slingbacks? I thought she was supposed to be poor! That outfit alone was close to $1,000! Her Joie shorts are currently the most interesting thing about Vanessa.

Diane von Furstenberg ‘Esperanza’ top
JoieCillian‘ cargo shorts
Bodhi pebble tote
Moschino Cheap & Chic ruffle slingbacks

I can’t even discuss Georgina.

Dear Dan, it’s ok to wear headbands after high school – Grace Kelly and Jackie O wore them well into their years. Minus her headband, B looked cute and collegy for Georgina’s rooftop party in in the adorable DVF print blouse (were her and Vanessa shopping together that week?) and yellow shorts by Milly.

Diane von Furstenberg ‘Alcott’ blouse
Milly shorts
Ferragamo bag

Blair wears Victoria Beckham to school. Oh, Blair: Posh clothes will not help you with the cool factor at NYU.

Victoria Beckham dress

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 ‘Carmontelle’ Dress
Hermes Birkin Bag
Paige Gamble headband

Blair’s stripped dress is a clear winner for me this week. Paired with the amazing pink strappies for contrast. Much better and more edgy Bair.

Barney’s Co-Op Designs sweater dress
Elizabeth and James Pink strappy sandals
Nancy Gonzalez crocodile satchel
Elsa Peretti cuff for Tifanny’s

Serena attempts the boho hipster cool look this week and, again, pulls it off. It’s ok, Blair would never be seen in tie-dye so someone has to wear it.

Chelsea Flower Tie-Dye vest
Alexander Wang pocket tank
Winifred ‘Grace’ necklace
Be & D ‘Cosette’ hobo

Oh Chuck Bass: I love your purple tie. Suspenders: boys take note! And he sleeps in most adorable navy PJs!


It Girl

P.S. Thanks to www.gossipgirlfashion.net for some of the info.