We have established on this blog that great style has nothing to do with money, but it has everything to with class. That is just what Kennedys demonstrated over the last century. In honour of the recent passings of Senator Edward Kennedy and Eunice Kennedy-Shriver, a look at Kennedy style.
Joseph and Rose Kennedy on their wedding day. These days brides carry tiny little bouquets. I like Rose’s monster size bouquet. Something to think about for next year.

Rose Kennedy with the kids. I love matching haircuts on the girls.

Kennedy girls in summer dresses.

JFK and Jackie’s wedding day (1952). Most gorgeous gown designed by African-American fashion designer Ann Lowe.
All American casual chic. Loving Jackie’s sweater.
The Kennedy brothers with matching haircuts (their best feature) and white teeth.

Jackie and her sister Lee on a visit to India.

Jackie and Lee on a camel, A-line dresses and pearls in tow.

Lee and Jackie in completely different styles. I love Lee’s white suit and Jackie’s mini-dress. I’m going to guess YSL for both.

Now Jackie O, Jackie in a white YSL and her signature black sunnies.

A very casual Jackie in jeans and a turtleneck.

A timeless beauty, Lee Radziwill in a white cashmere turtleneck.

Lee in her own black/white combo.

Stunning Lee by Andy Warhol.

Caroline Kennedy on her wedding day (1986) in a Carolina Herrera wedding gown. I love the little clover leaves in honour of Kennedys Irish heritage.

JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette on their weeding day in 1996. Her wedding dress was designed by her friend and designer Narciso Rodriguez.

Known for her simple and elegant style, Carolyn was often compared to Jackie in terms of style.

Casual New Yorker chic, I love how they matched red, blue and black.

No make-up needed: just a chignon and a bright red lipstick.

Absolutely timeless.

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