I can’t get enough of Chie Mihara shoes. I always tend to gravitate towards them as soon as I see them in a store. They are also the most comfortable heel I’ve ever worn. Maybe it’s because Chie Mihara interned at Eneslow while she was a student. She actually cares about our feet.

Every year, she releases an array of styles with different colour combinations. Born in Brazil to Japanese parents, Chie Mihara currently lives in Barcelona (AKA the land of shoes). She combines Brazilian sexiness, Japanese street-style and Spanish shoe traditions all together into little pieces of foot heaven! I really could have picked any other Chie Mihara shoe but I chose ‘Novela‘ for its unique and light colour combination. And I thought they would go amazingly with the Catherine Malandrino Bubble Short!
Did I mention that they are currently on sale for $159.99 cdn at Gravity Pope?