He was a fashion icon whose signature pieces we keep referencing over and over again. It is never out of irony or sarcasm (the way we keep returning to harem pants for example). Perhaps it was the bravado and the confidence that he displayed in his clothing choices that made the fashion world take notice. And nobody could wear clothes like MJ. Whatever insecurities he had, they never showed through his fashion. Coming out of the much criticized decadent 70s, while most musicians tried to make their fashions accessible to the everyman by deconstructing street fashions, MJ took no apologies. He knew that he was a star and he better look like one. He was not the everyman and that is why we loved him. A poster child for star power and personal expression, as flamboyant as he was, we will be returning to MJ over and over again for decades to come.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

Sporty MJ/the Unattainable Boy Next Door

bright blue cigarette jean, oversized golden/brown leather jacket, white sneakers

Smooth MJ

white suit, black shirt (no one could wear a suit like Michael)

Badass MJ

red leather suit

MJ the King

upright shirt collar, sparkly jacket, the glove

You will be missed.