Charlotte Tilbury skincare
If you’ve walked by Toronto’s or Vancouver’s Holt Renfrew recently, you couldn’t miss the store’s opulent Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Revolution windows. The brand has finally arrived in Canada. Last month, I wrote about Tilbury’s revolutionary makeup sets with much praise, but her skincare line is not to be missed. If I could use one word to describe the feeling when using these three products, it would be ‘lovely’.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream ($125) had been Tibury’s backstage secret weapon for years, leaving models’ skin so incredibly dewy that everyone wondering what was in it. This cult moisturizer is an instant transformer and so it the Goddess-Skin Clay Mask ($80), which rehydrates the skin at the speed of light. Not to sound overly dramatic, but this mask may be my favourite of all time, especially after a day of too many cocktails (hey, no judging, we’ve all been there). Competing the trio is the Multi-Miracle Glow ($70), an ingenious balm you can use as cleanser, an overnight mask (unlike the clay mask, it won’t mess up your sheets), or anywhere where you require that extra glow.

Tilbury is a fan of hyaluronic acid (a powerful hydrator), but also a believer that oil is essential for keeping skin plump. Each one of these products has a soft floral scent, stemming from a cocktail of camellias, violas, roses, and other plant extracts. See? Lovely!