It’s here. The dreaded -20˚C (that’s about -5˚F for you guys south of the border) weather has finally arrived. With it, dry cracked skin and infuriating redness. I swear by these three products to make it all better.
Weleda’s Skin Food ($19) has been a staple of mine for many years. It’s also a familiar sight backstage at fashion weeks as many makeup artists use it to prep the skin for that dewy look. It’s crazy rich, so I use it as spot treatment on dry patches or under the nose after a dreaded cold.After hearing me complain about my dry skin woos only days after arriving in Toronto last year, a publicist presented me with Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair ($56) with promise that “it will save your skin.” It did. I can probably get used to the cold weather, but I will never get used to Toronto’s violent winds, the ones that burn your skin to the crisp. Barrier Repair lives in my bag, and provides a nice extra layer against the wind apocalypse. It’s consistency is very slinky, similar to some primers.

Rodial’s Glam Balm Multi ($49) is the ultimate do-it-all product (in fact, Rodial’s site has 100 suggested uses). I love massaging it into wrinkles that somehow appear larger after an icy day. Great as a lip balm, too!

Any winter go-tos you swear by?