Long time readers of my blog probably know that I’ve been battling premature greys since high school. It’s genetics: my father went almost completely grey in his mid-30s. Keeping my hair pristine brown has been probably cost me over $10,000 and countless hours in a salon chair. Meanwhile, women like Canadian beauty writer Liza Herz and Vogue‘s Sarah Harris have been embracing their greys. Since “bottle” grey has been all the hype for at least a year, it certainly made my experiment less daunting. With the help from FLARE and Redken’s Sean Godard, here’s a look at the hair I’ll probably be sporting again ten years from now. I’m now back to brunette, having decided to fake hair youth just a little longer.

P.S. Colour itch? Visit Sean Godard at Salon Tocci in Toronto. He’s wicked.