Finding the right deodorant has been a decade-long project, especially now that I’ve lived through Toronto’s oppressive summer heat. While I’ve tested natural deodorants in the past, none have made a permanent addition to my bathroom counter. I’ve loved a couple of similar (paste) formula deodorants, but unfortunately, after prolonged use, they also left me with an unfortunate skin rash. I think a lot of it due to baking soda, found in most concoctions. Toronto-based Leaves of Trees also uses baking soda but I don’t find it as drying, thanks to the addition of argan oil. To be on the safe side, I apply moisturiser before dabbing the deodorant. So far, so good! 
Have you given it a try? What’s your go-to natural deodorant? 
$15 at Leaves of Trees and Available in Mint Eucalyptus and Lavender Tangerine.