What is your first fashion memory? It’s something you always ask in interviews. Your turn!
Watching Dynasty reruns with my grandmother. In fact, that might be my first memory in general. I mean, Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan!
I noticed your prefer oversized clothing. Why? You’re so petite! Shouldn’t you do the opposite?
True. Fashion crime alert! I buy everything a size larger, because I think looser clothing looks more elegant. It’s a tip I learned from a Lauren Bacall interview I read about a decade ago. Also, it’s comfy.
Any style tips for curvier women? I’m a size 10 and find it difficult to relate to most edgier style blogs. I love designers like Alexander Wang, but it just doesn’t look as good on me than it does on all the street style stars.
I say, wear it anyways. As pointed in the previous question, I don’t really dress for my body type either. I’m passionately against telling curvier women to avoid heavy prints and traditional What Not to Wear rubbish like that. If you like it, wear it. You can adjust some fit issues by getting a great tailor — it’s something I can’t stress enough. And remember: We are our own worst critics. I spent a decade avoiding skirts because I was convinced I had hideous legs. I don’t regret many things in life, but I regret that.

I’m transitioning from a traditional office to a creative office — any style advice?
First: congratulations! Have fun with your clothes, while still remaining professional. If you wear jeans, pair it with a smart blazer. If you wear a pencil skirt, pair it will a youthful top. When I think of creative office wear, I think of Jenna Lyons. Does that help?
I’m sure you have many nice things, but what’s the most cherished item in your closet?
That I bought or inherited? I’ll answer both. Purchased: a Tsumori Chisato coat from S/S 2007 because I consider it my first venture into Japanese fashion. I feel like I got so much more adventurous after purchasing it. I’ll photograph it soon for the blog, once I convince one of my friends to take my pic. Inherited: an antique silver 1920s purse from my great-grandmother. It’s very Daisy Buchanan. 
As a freelance writer, how did you go about finding clients/opportunities?
80% of the time, I use the traditional rejection-filled route of pitching to the editors. It’s tough, and can be soul-crushing, but I’m still not at a career point where editors come to me, although I’m slowly getting there.
I’m a new blogger. What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Depends if you’re in it for personal or professional reasons. If you just want to have fun and show off your personal style, that’s great. If you want to eventually get work as a writer/editor, you have to show off some writing chops and your knowledge of the industry. But, either way, I suggest quality over quantity. Spend time on your posts; they should be a labour of love.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Sorry, is this an interview question for a job I didn’t know I was applying for? Just kidding. Well, hopefully I won’t still be writing this blog in my 40s. I would like to imagine myself at the top (half) of the masthead at a larger publication, print or digital.

What are the details of your perfect day?

Spending a leisurely day with my dog — meaning a nice spring/summer walk, some shopping, and a patio lunch.