Four years of blogging and, like any relationship, I’ve got to shake things up to keep it interesting. When I first started as a wide-eyed I-live-for-fashion girl, I was mostly concerned with shopping. And more shopping. Over time, as I got more engulfed in the grand theories and histories of fashion, the spectrum of my fashion interest bloomed into something serious. Two years ago, I bid my career in architecture goodbye and never looked back. Now I’m fully immersed in the fashion world, from writing and editing, to branding and designing. 
I want to continue using the blog as a creative outlet to explore exciting themes like style and cinema, to dig deep into fashion archives, and discuss its influence on pop culture and, occasionally, economy. These are the things I enjoy writing about. 
Thus, will no longer offer weekly shopping or beauty picks. Some aspect of beauty will remain, although the theme will require some rethinking. There will be more designer profiles — something I enjoy doing, but got lazy about. And, finally, personal style posts will continue — I feel like we just got to know one another. 
I value my readers and I hope you stick with me in this new reincarnation. I would love to hear from you — please email me or comment below.