It certainly seems that the most successful Canadian apparel companies are the sportswear ones (Lululemon, Canada Goose, Archteryx, just to name a few). While as a country we don’t really register on the high fashion radar, we do tend to make waves in the lifestyle department. 

Authenic Tunic dress ($90)

A line creating quite a bit of buzz lately is Montreal-based Lolë. This decade-old label is often compared to Lululemon for its yoga-centric minimal design, but since designer Andy The Anh (who is well-known in Canada for his now-defunct eponymous womenswear line) entered the mix, Lolë began to really stand out from the crowd, with broader sport repertoire.
As someone who’s recently resumed playing tennis, I’m pretty in love with all the tennis gear, although a few of Lolë’s golf pieces sort of make me wish I also golfed.