Unlike the “The Great Fur Caravan,” I’m pretty sure “The Force of Fur” hasn’t made any fashion history books. If anyone ever writes a fashion bloopers book, this should make the cover. Some very funny stuff.

Upon the release of the original Star Wars in 1977, Vogue decided that there was no one better to model the most luscious fur offerings of the season than Darth Vader, C-3PO, a Stormtrooper, and a misbehaving Jawa. Ah, yes: all frolicking with Jerry Hall and other big-haired ’70s glamazons.

“… a variety of creatures… one-eyed creatures and thousand-eyed creatures with scales, creatures with fur, and some with skin that seemed to ripple….”

“On occasion, I have been called upon to perform unexpected functions in circumstances which would have appalled my designers” – See Threepio (That’s how they spelled it!)

I’m not sure which brilliant editor was responsible for this greatness, but I’m sure that, at some point, this was pitched during an editorial meeting in Vogue‘s glossy offices and both editor-in-chief Grace Mirabella and fashion editor Polly Mellen approved it. Yes, because furs and Star Wars were just the missing ingredient fashion needed to spice things up.

Vogue images via http://warymeyers.blogspot.ca.