So, obviously I’m totally behind on jumping aboard the Stubbs & Wootton train. Two weeks ago, my friend wore a bespoke design, and then last week I saw them featured on, and on Joe Fresh’s Joe Mimran’s feet during our backstage chat. So I guess they are a thing. And, um, Kanye wears them (although he’s lost his sartorial cred due to Kim and that horrific thou-shall-not-speak-of collection, plus the new songs are really no good, but let’s not hold it against Stubbs & Wootton). 
The label is based in Palm Beach (makes sense) and the slippers are made in La Mancha, Spain, a place known for quality shoe making. The smoking slipper in itself is one of the loveliest silhouettes on a woman’s foot, provided that it’s not a heel. My favourites are the tweeds and tartans, although the velvet is always classic.