Of the “star” fashion blogger websites, Tavi Gevinson’s Style Rookie is the only one that I visit regularly. I love that there are posts titled “Bulimia is so ’87,” constant revisiting of Twin Peaks (best show ever), and that it all has very little to do with fashion. The charm is in the mood of the site: that feeling of reading someone’s diary — the diary of someone very, very young, but very, very cool. 

When Rookie announced itself as a “website for teenage girls,” I thought, well, I’m not one, but I was one. Thus it became a site for nostalgia, revisiting the moments teenage girls go through. Even though I’m not the target demographic, I find myself learning a lot from Rookie. If anything, it gives me hope that teenage girls these days are not all Kim Kardashian-watching idiots. 

When I was growing up, I read Sassy for the short amount of time before it folded. While xoJane.com has been a huge disappointment to me, Rookie captures the magic that Sassy had. I find myself wanting to re-read certain articles (kind of like I wish I could do with Sassy), so I was super thrilled when Drawn & Quarterly announced they were publishing Rookie’s freshman year as a book. 
Rookie Yearbook One is fun, smart, beautifully illustrated, has cool stickers, a flexidisc (!) and contributors like Lena Dunham (I hope you’re watching Girls) and Sarah Silverman. So it’s about as precious as precious gets — a teenage dream. 

$29.95 at Drawn & Quarterly (also at Chapters, Amazon, and wherever good books are sold).