In my lifetime, I have spent a lot of money on hair straighteners that were just okay. That is until I discovered Rowenta. For over a year, we were best friends. It was perfect, ideal creating both razor straight hair and beachy waves. It was capable of incredible heat without ever damaging my hair. Then on a trip to Europe, I plugged it in using a (faulty) power converter, and my Rowenta melted away!  I’ve never been so devastated about the loss of a gadget before. I actually cried a little and then threw a temper tantrum (in front of my mom, teenage style). Thankfully, the nice people from Rowenta Beauty sent me a new one.
A ceramic flat iron
Ceramic infused with Titanium Technology (kills bacteria and is resistant to scratching/peeling)
Well, I already professed my love in the introduction.  Here’s a tip: whether you are straightening or curling, spray the hair with Bumble and Bumble’s Styling Lotion (I reviewed it ages ago) to protect it from the heat, and to achieve incredible shine. 
$219 (worth every penny) at Rowenta Beauty.