Have you ever met a person whose hands don’t match their face? Of course you have! Flawless skin, wrinkly spotted hands (paging Nicole Kidman — thanks, Lainey!). Okay, sure: it happens. We work with our hands, we touch stuff, we wash stuff… it all adds to the damage. But nothing damages the skin more than sun exposure. Like our faces, our hands are the only body parts that are exposed to UV rays all day long. Only recently have brands been adding SPF into our hand creams, and this one from Clinique is the latest to hit the shelves.  
Beyond SPF15 sun protection, the Even Better line is designed to brighten the skin with a healthy combo of Vitamin C and Advanced Yeast Blend, helping to reduce the appearance of age spots and discolouration. One of its other admirable features is its ability to absorb into skin extremely quickly, so no sticky, sticky hands. 
$42 at Clinique.