Sofia Coppola in Little Black Jacket (photographed by Karl Lagerfeld)
I admit that I may have spent too much time on, because, obviously, I really, really want to be one. Or at least look like one. Sofia, of course.
Cozy in fur at a Chanel Haute Couture show in 2008
There is no denying that Sofia Coppola was born into a life of privilege, but she was also born into a life of good taste. The latter is much, much more important. I mean, the entire family is ridiculously talented: Francis Ford and Roman Coppola, Nicolas Cage, Jason Schwartzman…even 20-something Gia Coppola is all abuzz now.  
In Louis Vuitton at a Somewhere screening in Tokyo in 2011
Francis Ford Coppola is an undeniable genius, and Sofia is not far off. There is an elegant restraint in her work, which can also be said for her personal style. You’ll never see her overdressed (which I think is much worse than being underdressed), and her sartorial choices often tilt toward the casual end of the scale. 
Black on black at a Somewhere screening in New York City in 2010
Often opting for simplicity on the red carpet, Sofia mostly wears black, although she is a big fan of pink and lilac (also evidenced in her cinematography). Her style hasn’t really changed since the early 90s, and neither has her hair. I suppose she found her “life cut” and stuck with it (coincidentally, it’s pretty much my haircut right now — maybe I’ll keep it). 
In Chanel at a Marie Antoinette screening in 2006
As far as designer loyalty goes, Sofia prefers French houses such as Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Chloe, and YSL. She is also good friends with Marc Jacobs, for whom she acts as a muse (imagine!), and Azzedine Alaia, whose custom lilac dress she wore to her wedding, marrying Phoenix’s Thomas Mars (for her first wedding to the equally awesome Spike Jones, she wore John Galliano). Oh yes, she is also really good friends with Anna Sui. 
In a pink and girlie Dior at a Dior show in 2008
And, as aforementioned, she has great taste in men (minus that rumoured brief fling with Quentin Tarantino — okay, he is really talented so I’ll forgive). Thomas Mars is amazing, and together they are a dreamy, lanky, indie power couple. 
Sofia Coppola (in Alaia?) with Diane von Furstenberg and Ashley Olsen at the Christian Louboutin/David Lynch party in 2007 (I want to be in this club)
And the company she keeps? Well, it includes anyone who is anyone.  Like, how dreamy is the picture above? I think once you’re friends with Sofia, it’s a sign that you are truly in the know (sorry Gwyneth). 
Vogue Italia (December 1992)
Honestly guys, go to now — I can’t do her justice in one post. Also, I really want this issue of Italian Vogue from December 1992 so if you have it, let me know. 
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