When I first heard of the return of the wedge sneaker, the first thing that sprung to mind was the Spice Girls, both Sporty and Posh — the latter especially. Remember when she first moved to the States and was a star of her own reality special with that terrible “May-jah” catchphrase? Yes, that was around the same time she wore these Dries Van Noten wedge kicks. I did like them a lot…on the runway, that is, and not on her. 
Isabel Marant
The lifted sneaker of the moment is, of course, by Isabel Marant. Everyone in Paris wears them, so I guess it must be a thing. Just kidding — they really grew on me over time, although I would never shell out $700 for this type of shoe. But the Ash version above is much more reasonable for this current fad. 
I know some of you will not approve — thoughts? 
$225 at Shopbop.