Gracia UK (June 2012)
This weekend is supposed to be nice and sunny across the country, so it’s definitely time to talk SPF. Sun protection has come a long way since we slathered Coppertone all over our faces as kids. Last year around this time, I talked about some pretty smart SPF solutions — I still think they are great, so please check them out
The latest, of course, are BB Creams.  Essentially, they are a new generation of tinted moisturizers. I wrote a pretty extensive article for a while back on all the different kinds currently available in Canada. There are two BBs, however, that I’m kind of gaga over, and one almost-BB cream. 

Estee Lauder DayWear BB Cream SPF 35 ($45 at Estee Lauder)
Estee Lauder is medium coverage and available in two shades. It has that lovely, refreshing cucumber scent many of their products have. 

Elemong BB Cream SFP 25 ($50 at Beautymark)
Elemong is one of the original Korean brands and it rocks. It’s creamy and provides ample coverage, giving one a pretty flawless appearance. But here’s the thing: it’s only available in a very Snow White shade, so it’s pretty limiting in that way. 

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 ($39 at SkinCeuticals)
Finally, there is another product that is not a BB Cream, but is equally smart: Physical Fusion UV Defense by SkinCeuticals. Also tinted, its very sheer coverage helps even out the skin tone without looking like you are wearing anything. And this one is water resistant, so it’s a beachy plus.

Tip: Use over your existing moisturizer.

Have you tried BB Creams or tinted SPFs? If so, which ones are your favourites?