I’m still very much into the clog. Just as I was pulling all my clogs from the winter shoe vault, I thought, “I could use a couple of more.” I remember almost buying a pair of No.6 clogs at Totokaelo in Seattle (one of the best boutiques in the world — not an exaggeration), but sadly I didn’t. And I really regret not visiting the No.6 Store while in New York.
For those not familiar with the No.6 Store, it’s a magical place opened by a couple of vintage collectors, that — along with vintage and a carefully selected indie designers like Anndra Neen and Arielle de Pinto — does a wicked in-store line, No.6. They started with shoes, and the line quickly grew into clothing. 

$265 at No.6 Store and Totokaelo (also in blue).