I am getting dangerously close to exceeding my Margiela quota on this blog, but since the theme of If I Were Rich is excess, I might as well. I came across this Margiela on AP Shop’s blog and I found it extremely beautiful. Then I took a closer look and realized that it was actually constructed with shirt sleeves, intricately weaved into a top, resembling something almost Grecian-like. 

Its sophistication intrigued me, especially considering the tradition of assemblage among foundation year design students. A few years ago when Project Runway was still good, I remember Tim Gunn mockingly discussing how, no matter what, every foundation year, someone will design something using only discarded ties. Then I thought back to my design school(s) and remembered that, along with the ubiquitous tie garment, there were pieces made out of zippers, pop can tabs, rubber gloves…. Some were hideous and some were intriguing, but none came close to this F/W 2008 Margiela. 
Would I wear it? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. Besides, there were only five made. 
$3,500 from Jennifer Kobrin at 1stDibs.com.